Research Focus

Maggio 7, 2021
Multifunctional Magnetic Nanocolloids for Hybrid Solar-Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting

A new concept for nanocolloids: Solar-Thermoelectric energy harvesting

Researchers from CNR-INO, CEA Saclay, École des Ponts ParisTech and PHENIX, a joint laboratory between CNRS and Sorbonne University demonstrated a novel hybrid solar-enabled power generation […]
Aprile 6, 2021

Nanofluids with Pd nanoplates boost the efficiency of Concentrating Solar Power systems

Researchers from CNR-INO, University of Cadiz, University of Rennes 1 and University of Reading demonstrated that nanofluids consisting of Pd nanoparticles dispersed in aromatic oil are […]
Febbraio 18, 2021

On the destabilization of a periodically driven three-dimensional torus

L’articolo “On the destabilization of a periodically driven three-dimensional torus” di Euzzor,  A. Di Garbo, J.-M. Ginoux, S. Zambrano, F. T. Arecchi, R. Meucci è stato appena […]
Febbraio 10, 2021


TENTACOLI DELLA DISPARITÀ DI GENERE IN OTTO PUNTATE   OCTOPUS è un progetto ideato per diffondere consapevolezza sulle cause e gli effetti della disparità di genere […]
Febbraio 10, 2021

Charge neutrality boosts the tunneling of superfluid fermions

By investigating the transport behavior of an ultracold atomic Fermi gas, researchers at CNR-INO in Sesto Fiorentino, in collaboration with LENS and the University of Florence, […]
Dicembre 23, 2020

Cnr Ino Annual Symposium – Quantum for Renaissance

The Cnr Ino Annual Symposium – Quantum for Renaissance, November 23-25 2020. The symposium was a unique platform for distinguished Italian and foreign scientists, from both […]