Sorgenti di radiazione innovative per regioni spettrali estreme


Funded by: Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze  
Calls: Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze
Start date: 2013-01-01  End date: 2013-12-31
Total Budget: EUR 70.000,00  INO share of the total budget: EUR 70.000,00
Scientific manager: Bellini Marco   and for INO is: Bellini Marco

Organization/Institution/Company main assignee: CNR – Istituto Nazionale di Ottica (INO)

other Organization/Institution/Company involved:

other INO’s people involved:

Abstract: This project aims to develop a new class of sources and detection techniques that operate in extreme spectral regions. These spectral bands, although extremely important for many applications, from space observation to the detection of toxic or explosive materials, have so far been little exploited due to lack of appropriate sources and detectors. The extension of the observable spectrum will be made towards the mid and far infrared (FIR and MIR, or the THz region: of extreme interest for the identification of molecules and radicals in the terrestrial atmosphere and for the study of the composition of stars and galaxies) and towards the vacuum and extreme ultraviolet region (VUV and XUV: important for the study of the solar emission, stratospheric photochemistry and identification of atoms, molecules and ions in the interstellar space). In both cases we will use the high level of scientific expertise of INO researchers for the development and application of highly advanced techniques (quantum cascade lasers, frequency combs, nonlinear structured crystals, high-order laser harmonics) to a new generation of tools.

INO’s Experiments/Theoretical Study correlated:
Quantum light state engineering
High-order harmonics and XUV spectroscopy

The Scientific Results:
1) Laser-Based Measurements for Time and Frequency Domain Applications: A Handbook
2) Domain-engineered ferroelectric crystals for nonlinear and quantum optics
3) Luce sul tempo