Microbubble resonators as enhancement platforms for linear and nonlinear applications

Year: 2015

Authors: Farnesi D., Berneschi S., Righini G.C., Nunzi Conti G., Quercioli F., Soria S.

Autors Affiliation: CNR-IFAC Nello Carrara Institute of Applied Physics, Sesto Fiorentino, FI 50019, Italy; Museo Storico della Fisica e Centro Studi e Ricerche E. Fermi, Roma, 00184, Italy; CNR-INO National Institute of Optics, Sesto Fiorentino, FI 50019, Italy

Abstract: We present linear and non linear optical applications of solid and hollow silica microresonators. Hollow microresonators or microbubble resonators combine the unique properties of whispering gallery mode resonators (WGMR) with the intrinsic capability of integrated microfluidics. Microbubbles were filled with water and aqueous solutions of ethanol in order to test the refractive index sensing capabilities of such resonators. We also tested the potential of microbubbles as nonlinear enhancement platform of both the filling material (Rhodamine 6G and Fluorescein) and the glass bubble.

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KeyWords: Microfluidics; Optical resonators; Optical sensors; Refractive index; Resonators; Sensors; Solutions, Integrated microfluidics; Microbubble resonators; Microbubbles; Nonlinear applications; Nonlinear optical applications; Refractive index sensing; Two photon fluorescence; Whispering gallery mode resonator, Whispering gallery modes