Metal-insulator transition induced by random dipoles

Year: 2013

Authors: Larcher M., Menotti C., Tanatar B., Vignolo P.

Autors Affiliation: INO-CNR BEC Center and Dipartimento di Fisica, Università di Trento, 38123 Povo, Italy
Department of Physics, Bilkent University, Bilkent, 06800 Ankara, Turkey
Université de Nice – Sophia Antipolis, Institut non Linéaire de Nice, CNRS, 1361 route des Lucioles, 06560 Valbonne, France

Abstract: We study the localization properties of a test dipole feeling the disordered potential induced by dipolar impurities trapped at random positions in an optical lattice. This random potential is marked by correlations which are a convolution of short-range and long-range ones. We show that when short-range correlations are dominant, extended states can appear in the spectrum. Introducing long-range correlations, the extended states, if any, are wiped out and localization is restored over the whole spectrum. Moreover, long-range correlations can either increase or decrease the localization length at the center of the band, which indicates a richer behavior than previously predicted.


Volume: 88 (1)      Pages from: 013632  to: 013632

More Information: This work was supported by Grants No. CNRS-24543 and No. TUBITAK-210T050, by the LIA FSQL, by ERC through the QGBE grant, and by Provincia Autonoma di Trento. We are grateful to Franco Dalfovo, Iacopo Carusotto, Jean-Francois Schaff, and Luca Tessieri for useful discussions.
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.88.013632

Citations: 3
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