Scientific Results

Reattore a microonde ad alta pressione.

Year: 2012

Authors: Ferrari C., Longo I., González Rivera J., Pardini F.

Autors Affiliation: INO – CNR, Research Area of Pisa 56124 Pisa, Italy
Chemical Engineering Department, University of Guanajuato 36050 Mexico

Abstract: During the period of “Intership research” done by Dr. Jose González Rivera has been devised a chemical reactor for conducting microwave assisted chemical reactions at high temperature (200 ° C) and high pressure (50 bar). The microwave power, up to 300 W, was transmitted through a coaxial dipole antenna, as shown on the CNR patent filed by one of the authors. The reactor allows the magnetic stirring of the sample, the measurement of temperature and pressure and the insertion of the microwave antenna, directly immersed in the reagents through a recess formed by a quartz tube. The reactor was used to make reactions of “cracking” of the cellulose catalyzed by beta-type zeolite.


KeyWords: Microwave; Antenna; Reactor; Catalyzer; Zeolite

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