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Efficient laser-overdense plasma coupling via surface plasma waves and steady magnetic field generation

Year: 2011

Authors: Bigongiari A., Raynaud M., Riconda C., Héron A., Macchi A.

Autors Affiliation: CEA/DSM/LSI, CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique, 91128 Palaiseau Cedex, France;
TIPS/LULI, Université Paris 6, CNRS, CEA, Ecole Polytechnique, 3, rue Galilée 94200, Ivry-sur-Seine, France;
CPHT, CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique, 91128 Palaiseau Cedex, France;
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Istituto Nazionale di Ottica (CNR/INO), Dipartimento di Fisica “E. Fermi,” Largo B. Pontecorvo 3, 56127 Pisa, Italy

Abstract: The efficiency of laser overdense plasma coupling via surface plasma wave excitation is investigated. Two-dimensional particle-in-cell simulations are performed over a wide range of laser pulse intensity from 10(15) to 10(20) W cm(-2) mu m(2) with electron density ranging from 25 to 100n(c) to describe the laser interaction with a grating target where a surface plasma wave excitation condition is fulfilled. The numerical studies confirm an efficient coupling with an enhancement of the laser absorption up to 75%. The simulations also show the presence of a localized, quasi-static magnetic field at the plasma surface. Two interaction regimes are identified for low (I lambda(2) < 10(17) W cm(-2) mu m(2)) and high (I lambda(2) > 10(17) W cm(-2) mu m(2)) laser pulse intensities. At \”relativistic\” laser intensity, steady magnetic fields as high as similar to 580 MG mu m/lambda(0) at 7 x 10(19) W cm(-2) mu m(2) are obtained in the simulations. (C) 2011 American Institute of Physics. [doi:10.1063/1.3646520]


Volume: 18 (10)      Pages from: 102701  to: 102701

More Information: This work was sponsored by CNR (Italy) and CNRS (France) through the CNR-CNRS agreement for scientific cooperation (SWILAP project). Usage of the CEA computing center CCRT under the Project No. 559 is also thankfully acknowledged.
KeyWords: numerical analysis; plasma density; plasma light propagation; plasma simulation; plasma waves
DOI: 10.1063/1.3646520

Citations: 30
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