130Te neutrinoless double-beta decay with CUORICINO

Year: 2011

Authors: Andreotti E. , Arnaboldi C., Avignone F.T. III, Balata M., Bandac I., Barucci M., Beeman J.W., Bellini F., Brofferio C., Bryant A., Bucci C., Canonica L., Capelli S., Carbone L., Carrettoni M., Clemenza M., Cremonesi O., Creswick R.J., Di Domizio S., Dolinski M.J., Ejzak L., Faccini R., Farach H.A., Ferri E., Fiorini E., Foggetta L., Giachero A., Gironi L., Giuliani A., Gorla P., Guardincerri E., Gutierrez T.D.,. Haller E.E, Kazkaz K., Kraft S., Kogler L., Maiano C., Maruyama R.H., Martinez C., Martinez M., Newman S., Nisi S., Nones C., Norman E.B., Nucciotti A., Orio F., Pallavicini M., Palmieri V., Pattavina L., Pavan M., Pedretti M., Pessina G., Pirro S., Previtali E., Risegari L., Rosenfeld C., Rusconi C., Salvioni C., Sangiorgio S., Schaeffer D., Scielzo N.D., Sisti M., Smith A.R., Tomei C., Ventura G., Vignati. M.

Autors Affiliation: Dip. di Fisica, Matematica dell

Abstract: We report the final result of the CUORICINO experiment. Operated between 2003 and 2008, with a total exposure of 19.75 kg . y of Te-130, CUORICINO was able to set a lower bound on the Te-130 0 nu beta beta half-life of 2.8 x 10(24) years at 90% C.L. The limit here reported includes the effects of systematic uncertainties that are examined in detail in the paper. The corresponding upper bound on the neutrino Majorana mass is in the range 300-710 meV, depending on the adopted nuclear matrix element evaluation. (C) 2011 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.


Volume: 34 (11)      Pages from: 822  to: 831

More Information: The CUORICINO Collaboration owes many thanks to the Directors and Staff of the Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso over the years of the development, construction and operation of CUORICINO, and to the technical staffs of our Laboratories. In particular we would like to thank R. Gaigher, R. Mazza, P. Nuvolone, M. Perego, B. Romualdi, L. Tatananni and A. Rotilio for continuous and constructive help in various stages of this experiment. We are grateful to our colleagues of the CUORE collaboration for valuable suggestions. Among them we would like especially to name Yury Kolomenski for help and fruitful discussions. The experiment was supported by the Instituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN), the Commission of the European Community under Contract No. HPRN-CT-2002-00322, by the U.S. Department of Energy under Contract No. DE-AC03-76-SF00098, and DOE W-7405-Eng-48, and by the National Science Foundation Grant Nos. PHY-0139294 and PHY-0500337.
KeyWords: Double beta decay; Lower bounds; Majorana; Neutrino mass; Nuclear matrix elements; Systematic uncertainties; Upper Bound, Bolometers; Infrared detectors, Elementary particles
DOI: 10.1016/j.astropartphys.2011.02.002

Citations: 206
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