Emission of simultaneous tunable off-resonance and line centre FIR Raman lines in NH3 and CH3F

Year: 1998

Authors: Marchetti S., Martinelli M., Simili R., D’Amato F., Giorgi M.

Autors Affiliation: Ist. Fis. Atomica e Molec. del CNR, Via del Giardino 7, 56127 Pisa, Italy; ENEA Dipartimento Innovazione, Settore Fisica Applicata, Via Fermi 27, 0044 Frascati, Italy

Abstract: By pumping with a continuously tunable CO2 laser we have analysed the FIR emission of the sR(3,0) ammonia line and the lambda=2 mm emission of the R(1) CH3F absorption line. The simultaneous emission of an off-resonance tunable Raman frequency and an untuned line centre one has been observed. The results agree with the theory. In addition about 8% tuning of the mean FIR frequency was observed at 150 GHz.


Volume: 156 (4/6)      Pages from: 285  to: 288

KeyWords: Ammonia; Carbon dioxide lasers; Electromagnetic wave emission; Infrared spectroscopy; Far infrared spectroscopy; Raman scattering
DOI: 10.1016/S0030-4018(98)00468-4

Citations: 1
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