Stability of small-amplitude normal modes of a Bose-Einstein condensate with a singly quantized vortex confined in an optical lattice

Year: 2004

Authors: Bhattacherjee A.B., Morsch O., Arimondo E.

Autors Affiliation: Univ Pisa, Dipartimento Fis E Fermi, INFM, I-56127 Pisa, Italy

Abstract: We study the dynamics of a BEC with a singly quantized vortex, placed in the combined potential of a 1D (2D) optical lattice and an axi-symmetric harmonic trap. A time-dependent variational Lagrangian analysis shows that an optical lattice helps to stabilize the vortex which in the absence of the optical lattice is unstable. We find that the normal modes are stable only if the depth of the optical potential is more than a certain critical value. This critical value of the optical potential depends on the 2D interaction parameter. In general, the higher the interaction parameter, the lower the value of the optical potential required to stabilize the vortex. The BEC with the singly quantized vortex is found to be relatively more unstable in a 2D optical lattice compared to a 1D optical lattice.


Volume: 37 (11)      Pages from: 2355  to: 2361

KeyWords: Bose-Einstein condensation
DOI: 10.1088/0953-4075/37/11/012

Citations: 15
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