Designing solar collectors and optical fibers for daylighting

Year: 2006

Authors: Francini F.

Autors Affiliation: CNR – Istituto Nazionale di Ottica Applicata, Largo E. Fermi 6, 50125, Firenze, Italy

Abstract: A system for solar energy exploitation, using optical collectors and fibres, has been applied for illumination of internal spaces. A demonstrator of the system has been experimented in a prestigious museum in Florence. The project has been called “The Sunflowers” for the property of solar collectors to track solar position during the day. Every Sunflower contains 8 solar collectors, each of which is coupled to an optical fibre and it is provided with a system for solar tracking.


Volume: 1200612      Pages from: 0487-1  to: 0487-2

KeyWords: solar; light collection;