Strong Field Electrodynamics of a Thin Foil

Year: 2017

Authors: Bulanov S. S.; Bulanov S. V.; Esirkepov T. Zh.; Kando M.; Rykovanov S.; Pegoraro F.; Schroeder C. B.; Esarey E.; Leemans W. P.

Autors Affiliation: Lawrence Berkeley Natl Lab; JAEA; Helmholtz Inst Jena; Univ Pisa

Abstract: A new one-dimensional analytical model of a thin double layer foil interaction with a laser pulse is presented. It is based on one-dimensional electrodynamics. This model can be used for the study of high intensity laser pulse interactions with overdense plasmas, leading to frequency upshifting, high order harmonic generation, and ion acceleration in different regimes.


Volume: 1812      Pages from:   to:

KeyWords: High energy density plasmas
DOI: 10.1063/1.4975897