Numerical analysis of beam self-cleaning in multimode fiber amplifiers

Year: 2022

Authors: Jima M.A., Tonello A., Niang A., Mansuryan T., Krupa K., Modotto D., Cucinotta A., Couderc V., Wabnitz S.

Autors Affiliation: Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell?Informazione, Universita di Brescia, via Branze 38, Brescia, 25123, Italy; University de Limoges, XLIM, UMR CNRS 7252, 123 Av. A. Thomas, Limoges, 87060, France; Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell?Informazione, Elettronica e Telecomunicazioni, Sapienza Universita di Roma, via Eudossiana 18, Rome, 00184, Italy; Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department, University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD, 21250, USA, United States; Institute of Physical Chemistry Polish Academy of Sciences, ul. Kasprzaka 44/52, Warsaw, 01-224, Poland; Dipartimento di Ingegneria e Architettura, Universita di Parma, Parco Area delle Scienze 181/A, Parma, I-43124, Italy; CNR-INO, Istituto Nazionale di Ottica, Via Campi Flegrei 34, Pozzuoli, 80078, (NA), Italy

Abstract: Recent experimental results have reported the observation of beam self-cleaning or, more generally, nonlinear beam reshaping in active multimode fibers. In this work, we present a numerical analysis of these processes by considering the ideal case of a diode-pumped signal amplifier made of a graded-index multimode fiber with uniform Yb doping. Simulations confirm that beam cleaning of the signal may take place even in amplifying fibers, in the absence of beam power conservation. Moreover, we show how the local signal intensity maxima, which are periodically generated by the self-imaging process, may influence the population inversion of the doping atoms, and locally saturate the amplifier gain.


Volume: 39 (8)      Pages from: 2172  to: 2180

More Information: ArianeGroup (CILAS X-LAS); H2020 European Research Council (740355); Narodowa Agencja Wymiany Akademickiej (BPN/BFR/2021/1/00013); Campus France (48161TH).
KeyWords: pulse-propagation; interference; dynamics; impact; lasers
DOI: 10.1364/JOSAB.463473

Citations: 4
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