Inorganic Photocatalytic Enhancement: Activated RhB Photodegradation by Surface Modification of SnO2 Nanocrystals with V2O5-like species

Year: 2017

Authors: Epifani M., Kaciulis S., Mezzi A., Altamura D., Giannini C., Diaz R., Force C., Genc A., Arbiol J., Siciliano P., Comini E., Concina I.

Autors Affiliation: IMM CNR, Via Monteroni, I-73100 Lecce, Italy; ISMN CNR, Ist Studio Mat Nanostrutturati, POB 10, I-00015 Rome, Italy;‎ IC CNR, Ist Cristallog, Via Giovanni Amendola, I-70126 Bari, Italy;‎ IMDEA Energy Inst, Elect Proc Unit, Avda Ramon Sagra, Mostoles 328935, Spain; Univ Rey Juan Carlos, NMR Unit, Ctr Apoyo Tecnol, Mostoles 28933, Spain; CSIC, Catalan Inst Nanosci & Nanotechnol ICN2, Bellaterra 08193, Spain;‎ Barcelona Inst Sci & Technol, Campus UAB, Barcelona 08193, Spain; Univ Brescia, Dept Informat Engn, Via Valotti 9, I-25133 Brescia, Italy;‎ CNR INO SENSOR Lab, Via Branze 45, I-25123 Brescia, Italy; Lulea Univ Technol, S-97198 Lulea, Sweden

Abstract: SnO2 nanocrystals were prepared by precipitation in dodecylamine at 100 degrees C, then they were reacted with vanadium chloromethoxide in oleic acid at 250 degrees C. The resulting materials were heat-treated at various temperatures up to 650 degrees C for thermal stabilization, chemical purification and for studying the overall structural transformations. From the crossed use of various characterization techniques, it emerged that the as-prepared materials were constituted by cassiterite SnO2 nanocrystals with a surface modified by isolated V(IV) oxide species. After heat- treatment at 400 degrees C, the SnO2 nanocrystals were wrapped by layers composed of vanadium oxide (IV-V mixed oxidation state) and carbon residuals. After heating at 500 degrees C, only SnO2 cassiterite nanocrystals were obtained, with a mean size of 2.8 nm and wrapped by only V2O5- like species. The samples heat- treated at 500 degrees C were tested as RhB photodegradation catalysts. At 10(-7) M concentration, all RhB was degraded within 1 h of reaction, at a much faster rate than all pure SnO2 materials reported until now.


Volume: 7      Pages from: 44763-1  to: 44763-12

DOI: 10.1038/srep44763

Citations: 22
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