Scientific Results

Observation of Stuckelberg oscillations in accelerated optical lattices

Year: 2010

Authors: Zenesini A., Ciampini D., Morsch O., Arimondo E.

Autors Affiliation: Univ Innsbruck, Inst Expt Phys, A-6020 Innsbruck, Austria
Univ Pisa, CNISM UdR Pisa, Dipartimento Fis E Fermi, I-56127 Pisa, Italy
Univ Pisa, INO CNR, Dipartimento Fis E Fermi, I-56127 Pisa, Italy

Abstract: We report the experimental observation of Stuckelberg oscillations of matterwaves in optical lattices. Extending previous work on Landau-Zener tunneling of Bose-Einstein condensates in optical lattices, we study the effects of the accumulated phase between two successive crossings of the Brillouin zone edge. Our results agree well with a simple model for multiple Landau-Zener tunneling events taking into account the band structure of the optical lattice.


Volume: 82(6)      Pages from: 065601-1  to: 065601-4

KeyWords: Bose Einstein Condensate, Optical Lattices
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.82.065601

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