Scientific Results

Progress in a Vacuum Weight Search Experiment

Year: 2019

Authors: Avino S., Calloni E., Caprara S., De Laurentis M., De Rosa R., Di Girolamo T., Errico L., Gagliardi G., Grilli M., Mangano V., Marsella M.A., Naticchioni L., Pepe G.P., Perciballi M., Pillant G., Puppo P., Rapagnani P., Ricci F., Rosa L., Rovelli C., Ruggi P., Saini N.L., Stornaiuolo D., Tafuri F., Tagliacozzo A.

Autors Affiliation: National Institute of Optics (CNR-INO), Sezione di Napoli, Via Campi Flegrei 34—Comprensorio “A. Olivetti”, I-80078 Pozzuoli (NA), Italy; Istituto Nazionale Fisica Nucleare (INFN), Sezione di Napoli, Complesso Universitario Monte S. Angelo, Edificio 6, Via Cinthia, I-80126 Naples, Italy; Universitá Federico II Napoli, Dipartimento di Fisica “Ettore Pancini”, Complesso Universitario Monte S. Angelo, Edificio 6, Via Cinthia, I-80126 Naples, Italy; Universitá di Roma La Sapienza, Dipartimento di Fisica, Piazzale Aldo Moro, I-00185 Roma, Italy; Istituto Nazionale Fisica Nucleare (INFN), Sezione di Roma, Piazzale Aldo Moro, I-00185 Roma, Italy; European Gravitational Observatory EGO, via E. Amaldi, Santo Stefano a Macerata, I-56021 Cascina (Pisa), Italy; Centre de Physique Théorique Campus of Luminy, Case 907, F-13288 Marseille, France; Aix-Marseille Université, Site du Pharo, 58 bd Charles Livon, F-13284 Marseille, France; Université de Toulon, Campus de La Garde, La Valette Avenue de l’Université, F-83130 Toulon, France

Abstract: We present the status of the art of the Archimedes experiment, devoted to measuring the debated interaction of quantum vacuum fluctuations and gravity. The method is essentially the weighing of the transition energy of a layered superconductor where the contribution of vacuum energy to the transition energy is expected to be relevant. The transition is obtained by modulating the temperature of the superconducting sample at a frequency of about 10 mHz and the expected change of weight is measured with a suitably designed high sensitivity cryogenic beam balance. In this paper, we present an overview of the experiment, discussing the expected signal to be measured, and presenting in particular the result of a prototype balance operated in our present laboratory. In the frequency range of the measurement, the sensitivity is affected mainly by seismic, thermal, sensor, and control noise. We discuss these points showing in particular the design of the cryogenic apparatus, the final balance, and the quiet seismic site that will host the final measurement.


Volume: 2 (1)      Pages from: 1  to: 13

KeyWords: quantum fluctuations; gravity; vacuum energy; Casimir energy
DOI: 10.3390/physics2010001

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