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Author: Baffigi Federica Category: Conference proceedings 

1) Study of shock waves generation, hot electron production and role of parametric instabilities in an intensity regime relevant for the shock ignition
By: Antonelli L., Köster P., Folpini G., Maheut Y., Baffigi F., Cristoforetti G., Labate L., Levato T., Gizzi L.A., Consoli F., De Angelis R., Kalinowska Z., Chodukowski T., Rosinski M., Parys P., Pisarczyk T., Raczka P., Ryc L., Badziak J., Wolowski J., Smid M., Renner O., Krousky E., Pfeifer M., Skala J., Ullschmied J., Nicolaï P., Ribeyre X., Shurtz G., Atzeni S., Marocchino A., Schiavi A., Spindloe C., Dell T.O., Rhee Y.J., Richetta M., Batani D. Year: 2016 (Cit.: 0)

2) Heat transfer enhancement by ultrasound pressure waves in liquid water: A cooling method for new electronic components
By: Bartoli C., Baffigi F., Brunini A. Year: 2014 (Cit.: 0)

3) Investigation of energy transfer from PALS iodine laser beam to shock wave generated in solid target relevant to shock ignition
By: Pisarczyk T., Kalinowska Z., Badziak J., Kasperczuk A., Borodziuk S., Rosiński M., Parys P., Chodukowski T., Gus’kov S.Yu., Demchenko N. N., Batani D., Antonelli L., Koester P., Gizzi L.A., Labate L., Cristoforetti G., Baffigi F., Ullschmied J., Krouský E., Pfeifer M., Renner O., Šmíd M., Skála J., Pisarczyk P. Year: 2013 (Cit.: 0)

4) The influence of preformed plasma on a laser-driven shock produced in a planar target at the conditions relevant to shock ignition.
By: Badziak J., Chodukowski T., Kalinowska Z., Parys P., Pisarczyk T., Rączka P., Rosiński M., Ryc L., Wolowski J., Zaras A., Gizzi L.A., Baffigi F., Cristoforetti G., Koester P., Labate L., Antonelli L., Richetta M., Batani D., Folpini G., Malka G., Maheut Y., Krouský E., Pfeifer M., Renner O., Šmíd M., Skála J., Ullschmied J., Kucharik M., Liska R., Rhee Y.-J., Consoli F., De Angelis R., Spindloe C. Year: 2013 (Cit.: 0)

5) Study of biological effects of LWFA electrons
By: Labate L., Andreassi M.G., Baffigi F., Bussolino GC., Colombetti G., Cristoforetti G., Di Martino F., Fulgentini L., Ghetti F., Giulietti A., Giulietti D., Köster P., Lenci F., Levato T., Salvadori P., Sgarbossa A., Traino C., Vaselli M., Gizzi L.A. Year: 2012 (Cit.: 0)

6) Heat transfer enhancement from a circular cylinder to distilled water by ultrasonic waves at different subcooling degrees
By: Baffigi F., Bartoli C. Year: 2010 (Cit.: 0)

7) Forced convection between a wire and an upward flow slot submerged jet: Preliminary results
By: Baffigi F., Bartoli C. Year: 2009 (Cit.: 0)

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