Research Unit of Brescia

The Section INO – Brescia is located at CSMT and is centered on the following research activities: nanostructured materials, gas sensors, nanophotonics and non-linear optics.

Web site of Unit of Brescia
c/o CSMT via Branze, 45 – 25123 Brescia
Tel: 030 6595246
Fax: 030 6595247

The Head of the unit is: Dott.ssa Camilla Baratto

Research Activities:
Prism Lab

Project Funding
In 2024 the activities of the unit are supported by funds of projects, with a total budget of EUR 310.517,00
OPTIcal liMIting and SwiTching with nanoscale photonic structures (OPTIMIST) (OPTIMIST)
Optical and olfactory SENSorial dEvices to investigate PLAnt-microbe iNtEracTions in a model horticultural crop (SENSEPLANET)
Accurate fermentation monitoring through multi sensorial approach (FERMENT)