Prism Lab

activities carried out at PRISM Lab: sensor characterization, nonlinear optics, spectroscopy for sensing, electronic nose.


The PRISM Lab (Photonics – Research – Innovation – Sensors and Materials) of CNR-INO has a long experience in the field of conductometric / optical gas sensors and in the field of functional optical materials. PRISM Lab also has extensive expertise in agrifood and healthcare applications of the electronic nose. The research activities that characterize SPHERA are the growth of thin films and nanostructures of oxides and metals, vibrational spectroscopy, non-linear optics and computational design for applications in optical / electrical sensors and nanoantennas / metasurfaces.
The CNR-INO is the only CNR research group in Brescia (located ? CSMT) and has its roots in a strong collaboration with the nearby University of Brescia, Information Engineering Department (DII).

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INO Staff

Abbate Sergio
Alessandri Ivano
Ambrosio Gina
Artoni Maurizio
Baratto Camilla (Contact Person)
Baronio Fabio
Borghetti Michela
Cantù Edoardo
De Angelis Costantino
De Ceglia Domenico
Faglia Guido Pietro
Fapanni Tiziano
Gandolfi Marco
Giannetti Claudio
Kholmanov Iskandar
Locatelli Andrea
Longhi Giovanna
Musaev Egit
Nodari Rosita
Ponzoni Andrea
Rocco Davide
Serpelloni Mauro
Soprani Matteo
Tognazzi Andrea
Vassalini Irene
Vincenti Maria Antonietta
Zambotti Giulia

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