Spectroscopy & PHotonics for Environmental Research and Earth Studies – SPHERES


The SPHERES Group deals with solid state and electro-optical components, measurement techniques, devices, measurements campaigns, studies in support of satellite missions, finalized to environmental research and earth observation.
Among components we can list new materials for solid state lasers and multipass cells, measurement techniques include LIDAR, molecular spectroscopy and Fourier spectrometry. We deploy our instruments all over the world, including polar regions, onboard stratospheric platforms (aircraft and balloons) and, in the future, even beyond the atmosphere. Furthermore, we carry out simulations of the atmospheric behavior and related data analysis/inversion.
The Group is located in the CNR Area in Sesto Fiorentino.

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INO Staff

Barucci Marco
Belotti Claudio
Bianchini Giovanni
D’Amato Francesco (Contact Person)
Del Guasta Massimo
Di Natale Gianluca
Montori Alessio
Palchetti Luca
Patrizi Barbara
Pratesi Filippo
Ridolfi Marco
Siciliani de Cumis Mario
Toci Guido
Vannini Matteo
Viciani Silvia