Greco Marinella

Professional Profile: Researcher (Employee)
Activity field: Research
Main office/laboratory: Distacco temporaneo
Office phone number: 055-2308275
ScopusID: 7201504193
Primary activity: Study and application of novel techniques and development of optical devices for multispectral imaging in the spectral band 300 to 2500 nm (UV, visible and NIR) for imaging analysis of painted surfaces
Software realization for spectral and colorimetric analysis of the acquired data in the visible region, NIR images elaboration, individuation and application of multivariate image analyses methods suited particularly integration and interpretation of the two spectral band data.

Main experiences acquired: Multispectral analysis, colorimetry, spectrophotometry
Integrating 2D and 3D data for diagnostics of panel paintings
3D digital modeling
Optical techniques for shape measurements (laser scanner profilometry and conoscopic micro-profilometry)
Computation of the collisional relaxation of absorption spectra

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