Sacconi Leonardo

Professional Profile: (Guest)
Activity field: Research
Main office/laboratory: Sezione Sesto Fiorentino – LENS
Office phone number: 055 4572451
Laboratory phone number: 055 4572018
Personal Web page: YES

ResearcherID: B-8904-2015OrcidID: 0000-0002-9320-5085ScopusID: 6603113299
Primary activity: Development and application of novel microscopy techniques

Main experiences acquired: Linear and non-linear microscopy, Biophotonics

Scientific manager for INO of Funded Projects:
Nuove metodologie ottiche per lo studio dell’attività elettrica del cuore intatto
Monitoraggio e prevenzione delle morti improvvise cardiache giovanili in Toscana
Human Brain Project – SGA1
Human Brain Project – SGA2
Analisi morfo-funzionale dei difetti nella propagazione elettrica cardiaca mediante tecniche
di microscopia ottica avanzata

Human Brain Project – SGA3
Restoring cardiac mechanical function by polymeric artificial muscular tissue

Research Groups:
Cardiac Imaging

Publications, Research Results, now, in INO’s database are: 82
  –   Papers JCR/ISI Journals, are: 80
  –   Books or Chapters, are: 6
  –   Papers in Journals not indexed JCR/ISI, are: 1
  –   Conference proceedings, are: 20
  –   Abstract, are: 3

Bibliometric indices are calculated USING ONLY THE INO DATABASE and the number of citations from “WEB OF SCIENCE” (of Thomson Reuters) is updated at 2024-04-21
  –   maximum number of citations for an article: 183
  –   maximum impact factor (IF) for a journal when an article is published: 14.467
  –   H-INDEX: 34   G-INDEX: 72   HC-INDEX (contemporary): 21 
  –   List of TopTen papers in citations  –   List of TopTen journals in Impact Factor