Toninelli Costanza

Professional Profile: Senior Researcher (Employee)
Activity field: Research
Main office/laboratory: Sezione Sesto Fiorentino – LENS
Office phone number: 0554572134
Laboratory phone number: 0554572389
Personal Web page: YES

ResearcherID: C-2184-2009OrcidID: 0000-0002-6843-058XScopusID: 24776990200
Primary activity: The focus of our activity on molecules for quantum optics is the combination of advanced photonic materials with organic molecules, with the idea of developing novel light-matter interfaces for quantum technologies. Single-molecule-based photon sources can be selectively coupled to the evanescent electromagnetic field of plasmonic excitations, graphene, or complex dielectric media. The system hence represents a valuable testbed for applications ranging from microscale opto-electronics, to fluorescence-based sensing and solid-state protocols for quantum communication. The group is also working on the coupling of single molecule to the Atom-Chip condensate.

Main experiences acquired: single molecule spectroscopy and microscopy, micro- and nano-photonics, optics of disordered systems, Anderson localization, graphene for QED, quantum optics

Scientific manager for INO of Funded Projects:
GRafene ed effetto CASimir per Sensoristica Avanzata Sensori quantistici in membrane sospese di grafene
ORganic QUantum Integrated Devices
Fibre-based Planar Antennas for Biosensing and Diagnostics
Single‐photon sources as new quantum standards
Intermodal Secure Quantum Communication on Ground and Space
Single‐photon sources as new quantum standards

Research Groups:
Molecular quantum nanophotonics

Others Funded Projects in which he/she participates:
Secure Quantum Communication Undersea Link

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