Fioretti Andrea

Professional Profile: Senior Researcher (Employee)
Activity field:
Main office/laboratory: Sezione di Pisa
Office phone number: 0503152528
Laboratory phone number: 0503152542
OrcidID: 0000-0002-3503-5743ScopusID: 7006372010
Primary activity: Laser cooling of atoms and molecules. Production by photoassociation, trapping and spectroscopy of ultracold Rb2, Cs2 and RbCs molecules. Study of dipolar interaction and blockade in frozen Rydberg atoms. Production and imaging of monochromatic ion and electron beams based on cold atom ionization.

Main experiences acquired: Techniques of atomic laser cooling. Different laser technologies (diode laser, pulsed and cw dye lasers, solid state lasers, CO2 lasers, femtosecond lasers, pulse shaping, optoelectronic tecniques, laser frequency stabilization techniques). Different atomic and molecular spectroscopic techniques. Temporal and spatial detection and imaging of ion and electron beams at non-relativistic energies. Optics. Construction of diatomic molecular potential energy surfaces from spectroscopic data. Atomic and molecular collisions.

Scientific manager for INO of Funded Projects:
Magnetic Induction Tomography with Optical Sensors

Research Groups:
Quantum simulations with long-range interactions

Others Funded Projects in which he/she participates:
Sensore ottico per la rivelazione di Protossido di Azoto

Publications, Research Results, now, in INO’s database are: 84
  –   Papers JCR/ISI Journals, are: 72
  –   Books or Chapters, are: 3
  –   Papers in Journals not indexed JCR/ISI, are: 1
  –   Conference proceedings, are: 1
  –   Abstract, are: 17

Bibliometric indices are calculated USING ONLY THE INO DATABASE and the number of citations from “WEB OF SCIENCE” (of Thomson Reuters) is updated at 2024-06-23
  –   maximum number of citations for an article: 526
  –   maximum impact factor (IF) for a journal when an article is published: 42.779
  –   H-INDEX: 24   G-INDEX: 67   HC-INDEX (contemporary): 12 
  –   List of TopTen papers in citations  –   List of TopTen journals in Impact Factor