Fontanelli Riccardo

Professional Profile: Research Director (Employee)
Activity field:
Main office/laboratory: Sezione Sesto Fiorentino – LENS
Personal Web page: YES

Primary activity: He serves as the Network Manager (NM) within the I-PHOQS Research Infrastructure. In this role, he is responsible for overseeing all management operations, personnel, and strategic developments within the organization. He formulates and executes the infrastructure’s strategies, prepares and implements business plans, fosters trust-based relationships with stakeholders, scientific professionals, business partners, and funders, monitors the financial performance of I-PHOQS, supports the identification of new service opportunities and funding, and collaborates with scientific professionals to determine research service provision and priorities.

Main experiences acquired: He has amassed extensive experience in managing complex projects, spanning from the scientific and technological realms to the business domain. He has effectively collaborated with multidisciplinary teams in environments characterized by shifting requirements and a lack of robust business references. This experience has showcased remarkable proficiency in formulating and executing strategies aimed at promoting innovation and sustainable growth, including the establishment and management of innovative enterprises. His expertise in technology transfer has played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of numerous initiatives, contributing to positioning various stakeholders, including universities, public administrations, innovation intermediaries, and businesses, as catalysts of innovation in the field of advanced sciences and technologies.

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