Competing four-wave mixing processes in dispersion oscillating telecom fiber

Anno: 2013

Autori: Finot C., Fatome J., Sysoliatin A., Kosolapov A., Wabnitz S.

Affiliazione autori: Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire Carnot de Bourgogne, UMR 6303, 9 av. Alain Savary, 21078 Dijon, France; Fiber Optics Research Center, 119333 Moscow, Russian Federation; Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell\’Informazione, Università degli Studi di Brescia, via Branze 38, 25123, Brescia, Italy

Abstract: We experimentally study the dynamics of the generation of multiple sidebands by means of a quasi-phase-matched four-wave mixing (FWM) process occurring in a dispersion-oscillating, highly nonlinear optical fiber. The fiber under test is pumped by a ns microchip laser operating in the normal average group-velocity dispersion regime and in the telecom C band. We reveal that the growth of higher-order sidebands is strongly influenced by the competition with cascade FWMbetween the pump and the first-order quasi-phase matched sidebands. The properties of these competing FWM processes are substantially affected when a partially coherent pump source is used, leading to a drastic reduction of the average power needed for sideband generation.

Giornale/Rivista: OPTICS LETTERS

Volume: 38 (24)      Da Pagina: 5361  A: 5364

Maggiori informazioni: We acknowledge the financial support of the Conseil Regional de Bourgogne (Pari Photcom) and the funding of the Labex ACTION program (ANR-11-LABX-01-01). The experimental work has benefited from the PICASSO Platform of the University of Burgundy. This research was funded by the European Research Council under grant agreement 306633, and by Fondazione Cariplo, grant no. 2011-0395. A. S. acknowledges support from a Landau Network-Cariplo Foundation fellowship and from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.
Parole chiavi: Average power; Higher-order; Microchip lasers; Non-linear optical fibers; Partially coherent; Pump sources; Quasi-phase-matched; Telecom fibers, Optical fibers; Phase matching, Four wave mixing
DOI: 10.1364/OL.38.005361

Citazioni: 30
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