Few layered MoS2 lithography with an AFM tip: description of the technique and nanospectroscopy investigations

Anno: 2015

Autori: Donarelli M., Perrozzi F., Bisti F., Paparella F., Feyer V., Ponzoni A., Gonchigsuren M., Ottaviano L.

Affiliazione autori: Department of Physical and Chemical Sciences, University of L’Aquila, Via Vetoio 10, 67100 L’Aquila, Italy; Sincrotrone Trieste S.C.p.A., NanoESCA Beamline, 34012 Basovizza, Trieste, Italy; CNR-INO Brescia, Via Branze 38, 25123 Brescia, Italy; School of Applied Sciences, MUST, Bagatoiruu, Ulaanbaatar 14191, Mongolia; CNR-SPIN, UOS L’Aquila, Via Vetoio 10, 67100 L’Aquila, Italy

Abstract: A novel technique to lithograph the MoS2 surface is described here. Mechanically exfoliated MoS2 flakes have been patterned with an atomic force microscope tip. After the patterning process, the lithographed areas have been removed by selective chemical etching. The electronic properties of the MoS2 flakes have been analyzed with spatially resolved photoelectron spectroscopy, with tunable incident photon energy, provided by a synchrotron light source. Tens of meV core level shifts can be recorded in relation to the flakes edges, coming from both the exfoliation and from the lithography.

Giornale/Rivista: NANOSCALE

Volume: 7 (26)      Da Pagina: 11453  A: 11459

DOI: 10.1039/c5nr02337h

Citazioni: 23
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