Topics in Radiofrequencies and laser spectroscopy. Selected papers of Adriano Gozzini with Commentaries

Anno: 2014

Autori: Arimondo E., Gozzini S., Maccarrone F. (Edited by)

Affiliazione autori: National Institute of Optics (INO) UoS di Pisa, CNR Research Area, Pisa, Italy
Dipartimento di Fisica Università di Pisa, Italy

Abstract: This volume is a scientific tribute to Adriano Gozzini (1917-1994), professor at Pisa at the University from 1959 and at the Scuola Normale Superiore from 1984. This volume is published on the twentieth anniversary of this death; Adriano Gozzini was a pioneer in microwave molecular spectroscopy, optical pumping and laser spectroscopy for over thirty years and the main Italian player in the area of atomic physics. The volume includes nineteen original papers by Adriano Gozzini published in international journals or in conference proceedings with the addition of an unpublished preprint. Selected items provide a complete picture of the different topics addressed by the scientist throughout his scientific career. Each item is associated with a commentary of scientists who worked with him or international experts on the topic, including Nobel laureates C. Cohen-Tannoudji, TW Haensch and S. Haroche.
The book also contains a Preface of the editors, an Introduction by Prof. Franco Bassani, Director of the Scuola Normale Superiore and close friend, a Biography by Silvia Gozzini and Francesco Maccarrone and the translation of an article In Memory of Adriano Gozzini (by Francesco Lenci) published on the journal Monitor-Sapere in December 1994


Maggiori informazioni: Monografia in lingua inglese
Descrizione fisica: XXX, 242 p.: ill., 1 ritratto; 25 cm.
ISBN: 978-88-7438-085-5
Note: The portrait of A. Gozzini, drawn by A. Betti, is a courtesy of the Gozzini Family.
Parole chiavi: Spectroscopy; Radiofrequency;