Interferometric dilatometer for thermal expansion coefficient determination in the 4-300 K range

Anno: 2006

Autori: Bianchini G., Barucci M., Del Rosso T., Pasca E., Ventura G.

Affiliazione autori: Istituto di Fisica Applicata

Abstract: The measurement of thermal and mechanical properties of materials at cryogenic temperatures gains more and more importance in the field of the application of novel high-tech materials to aerospace industry and in developing scientific instrumentation. We present a simple and inexpensive interferometric dilatometer for the measurement of the thermal expansion of materials in the 4-300 K range. The dilatometer consists of a Michelson tilt-compensated interferometer in which the path difference is given by the variation in length of a sample enclosed in a 4 K cryostat. The compensation for misalignment pen-nits a fast and simple operation routine that configures the instrument as a valuable tool for materials engineering.


Volume: 17 (4)      Da Pagina: 689  A: 694

Parole chiavi: Aerospace industry; Cryogenics; Dilatometers; Interferometers; Interferometry; Mechanical properties, Characterization of materials; Cryogenic temperatures; Interferometric dilatometers; Michelson tilt-compensated interferometers, Thermal expansion, Aerospace industry; Cryogenics; Dilatometers; Interferometers; Interferometry; Mechanical properties; Thermal expansion
DOI: 10.1088/0957-0233/17/4/013

Citazioni: 18
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