Potential of carbon nanohorn-based suspensions for solar thermal collectors

Anno: 2011

Autori: Sani E., Mercatelli L., Barison S., Pagura C., Agresti F., Colla L., Sansoni P.

Affiliazione autori: CNR-INO National Institute of Optics, Largo E. Fermi, 6, 50125 Firenze, Italy;
CNR-IENI Institute for Energetics and Interphases, Corso Stati Uniti, 4, 35127 Padova, Italy;
CNR-ITC Institute for Building Technologies, Corso Stati Uniti, 4, 35127 Padova, Italy

Abstract: The optical characterization is reported of a new fluid consisting of single-wall carbon nanohorns and ethylene glycol for solar energy applications. Carbon nanohorns play a significant role in enhancing sunlight absorption with respect to the pure base fluid. The obtained results are compared with those obtained for fluids suspending more conventional carbon forms, i.e. carbon-black particles. We found that nanohorn spectral features are far more favorable than those of amorphous carbon for the specific application. This result shows that carbon nanohorn-based nanofluids can be useful for increasing the efficiency and compactness of thermal solar devices, reducing both environmental impact and costs. (C) 2011 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.


Volume: 95 (11)      Da Pagina: 2994  A: 3000

Maggiori informazioni: The work has been performed under the \”Industria 2015\” funding of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development. Authors thank Dr. Giovanni Zaccanti (University of Firenze) for useful discussions about optical scattering.
Parole chiavi: Carbon forms; Carbon nanohorn; Carbon nanostructure; Nanofluids; Optical characterization; Single wall carbon nanohorn; Solar energy applications; Solar thermal collector; Solar troughs; Spectral feature; Thermal solar, Carbon nanotubes; Environmental impact; Ethylene; Ethylene glycol; Fluids; Nanohorns; Solar absorbers; Solar collectors; Solar energy; Solar heating, Amorphous carbon
DOI: 10.1016/j.solmat.2011.06.011

Citazioni: 178
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