Excitations in a nonequilibrium Bose-Einstein condensate of exciton polaritons

Anno: 2007

Autori: Wouters M., Carusotto I.

Affiliazione autori: TFVS, Universiteit Antwerpen, Groenenborgerlaan 171, 2020 Antwerpen, Belgium; BEC-CNR-INFM and Dipartimento di Fisica, Universita` di Trento, I-38050 Povo, Italy

Abstract: We develop a mean-field theory of the dynamics of a nonequilibrium Bose-Einstein condensate of exciton polaritons in a semiconductor microcavity. The spectrum of elementary excitations around the stationary state is analytically studied by means of a generalized Gross-Pitaevskii equation. A diffusive behavior of the Goldstone mode is found in the spatially homogeneous case and new features are predicted for the Josephson effect in a two-well geometry.


Volume: 99 (14)      Da Pagina: 140402-1  A: 140402-4

Parole chiavi: Bose-Einstein condensate; exciton-polaritons; elementary excitations; Bogoliubov;
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.99.140402

Citazioni: 468
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