2D imaging and 3D. sensing data acquisition and mutual registration for painting conservation

Anno: 2005

Autori: Fontana R., Gambino M.C., Greco M., Marras L., Pampaloni E., Pelagotti A., Pezzati L., Poggi P.

Affiliazione autori: Istituto Nazionale di Ottica Applicata, Largo E. Fermi 6, 50125 Firenze, Italy

Abstract: We describe the application of 2D and 3D data acquisition and mutual registration to the conservation of paintings. RGB color image acquisition, IR and UV fluorescence imaging, together with the more recent hyperspectral imaging (32 bands) are among the most useful techniques in this field. They generally are meant to provide information on the painting materials, on the employed techniques and on the object state of conservation. However, only when the various images are perfectly registered on each other and on the 3D model, no ambiguity is possible and safe conclusions may be drawn. We present the integration of 2D and 3D measurements carried out on two different paintings: \”Madonna of the Yarnwinder\” by Leonardo da Vinci, and \”Portrait of Lionello d


Volume: 5665      Da Pagina: 51  A: 58

Parole chiavi: Multispectral imaging; reflectography 3D sensing and scanning d; optical diagnostics; 3D-2D data registration;
DOI: 10.1117/12.587703

Citazioni: 11
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