Superfluid flow and vortex nucleation in room temperature, nonlocal photon fluids

Anno: 2016

Autori: Vocke D., Wilson K., Rogers T., Marino F., Carusotto I., Anderson B., Faccio D.

Affiliazione autori: ‎Heriot Watt Univ, Inst Photon & Quantum Sci, Edinburgh EH14 4AS, Midlothian, Scotland; Univ Florence, Ist Nazl Fis Nucl, Dipartimento Fis, Sez Firenze, I-50019 Florence, FI, Italy;‎ Univ Trento, INO CNR BEC Ctr, I-38123 Povo, Italy; Univ Trento, Dipartimento Fis, I-38123 Povo, Italy; Univ Arizona, Coll Opt Sci, Tucson, AZ 85721 USA

Abstract: We investigate superfluid behavior in a room-temperature photon fluid based on a thermal nonlinearity that mediates the photon-photon interactions. Placing an extended obstacle inside the flowing photon fluid leads to the nucleation of quantised vortices.

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Parole chiavi: fluids