Role of the filter spectral profile in the control of soliton transmissions

Anno: 1996

Autori: Wabnitz S.

Affiliazione autori: Fondazione Ugo Bordoni, Via B. Castiglione 59, 00142 Rome, Italy

Abstract: We analyse the propagation of optical solitons in a transmission system with lumped Butterworth or photorefractive fiber grating filters. The simulations show that fixed-frequency filters with a properly shaped frequency profile effectively suppress both Gordon-Haus time jitter and the soliton interactions, in analogy with sliding-frequency Fabry-Perot etalons.


Volume: 130 (1-3)      Da Pagina: 89  A: 96

Maggiori informazioni: Asian Center for Theological Studies and Missions, Asia United Theological University, ACTS. – Helpful discussionsw ith F. Matera, A. Mecozzi, M. Suzuki and N. Edagawaa re gratefully acknowledged. This work was carried out in the frameworko f the European ACTS project ESTHER, under the agreement between the Bordoni Foundation and the italian Post and Telecommunicationsa dministration.
Parole chiavi: Control systems; Numerical analysis; Optical flows; Simulation; Wave filters; Wave transmission, Filter spectral profile; Optical solution; Soliton transmission, Solitons
DOI: 10.1016/0030-4018(96)00240-4